Pathfinder hears from Phil Carrick, a My Dot Com Business Franchisee, on his journey from the Forces to Franchising…

I enjoyed 22 wonderful and happy years in the Royal Air Force before leaving in 2006 due to a family bereavement. I suddenly became scared, after devoting most of my adult life to one career I was suddenly a ‘single parent’ of 4-year old twins, not the ideal scenario for a continuing career in the Forces!

I quickly had to redefine my goals and suddenly my priorities changed. I faced the prospect of quickly retraining but, more importantly, I had to try and find employment that could work around my 4-year old children. That proved a lot harder than I thought. Nothing was available that could pay the ever-increasing bills.

I then decided to work for myself and I attended several ‘Tiling’ courses that I had booked through the Regional Resettlement Centre. These involved weeks of being away from my kids and a lot of expense, not only for the courses but for the travel etc, but they needed to be done.

I returned with a new found set of skills and began my quest for self-employment. Although the courses taught me the basics, I found there was still a lot I didn’t know. After a few months and constant advertising I started picking up the odd tiling job here and there, but I quickly found that these didn’t actually fit around my children at all and although customers were very accommodating the jobs became difficult to manage.

I then took to ‘Google’ after a close friend had mentioned that he had made money on the internet. 4 years later I finally made some money on the internet promoting somebody else’s digital course. However, by that time I was close to bankruptcy!

Then the tables turned thankfully, I teamed up by chance with a very successful internet marketer from the UK called Paul Lynch. I began consistently selling his digital products online after following his online training. These digital products were mainly courses on how to promote websites, how to advertise using Facebook etc. I took those products and started to use them to promote my new found online business, and the sales started to come.

I am now Head of Operations at My Dot Com Business and I have helped Paul franchise his entire proven online business model. The same online business model that helped me recover from near collapse.

Since launching My Dot Com Business Franchise in April 2016 we now have 258 franchisees from all over the world. We currently have franchisees located in Hong Kong, Lebanon, Africa, North & South America, France, Spain, Scandinavia and of course the UK.

Our franchisees benefit from a proven online business that they can run from anywhere in the world providing they have internet access, in as little as 60 minutes per day. There are no premises required, no staffing headaches, you work when you want to. The thing I like best is the fact that this is a ‘lifestyle’ business – you’re not simply buying a job like many franchises. I wish this was available when I was starting out!

I too am a franchisee and I love it. I’m also an internet marketing coach, so it is my job within My Dot Com Business to take care of our new members (especially ex-Forces). You will receive full training from me and the team so you can go out and start making those big commissions online. It’s not difficult, we build everything for you, all you need is a burning desire to succeed. We even help you with converting sales and guarantee you your first online sale in under 72 hours!

I am extremely proud to be associated with My Dot Com Business and to be featured in Pathfinder. More and more people and consumers are moving away from traditional ‘brick and mortar’ companies and spending their time online. This is the new economy, we can’t hide behind the internet, we have to constantly innovate and satisfy our franchisees and more importantly let you see your first online sales with our proven system.

I also feel that it’s important to stress that many franchises can cost upwards of £30,000 and all you are really doing is buying a job – with ours you are buying a lifestyle in which you can work where and when you want, and that is what I love more than anything.

We currently have 260 franchisees and we are set to grow My Dot Com Business to 600+ Franchises this year alone. We are exhibiting at The Franchise Show in London on 17-18 Feb 2017. If you’re in London then, pop in (it’s free) and please say ‘Hi’.

You can find out more about My Dot Com Business Franchise at

We now have payment plans that are exclusive for current and ex-Forces. Please email me for further details. If you have any further questions or would like a free business strategy call with me, then please drop me an email to: [email protected]

I wish you every success in your transition to civilian life.


Phil Carrick

Head of Operations

My Dot Com Business