Combat Stress is to work with UK Veterans Hearing Help to support former servicemen and women with hearing problems associated with their service in the Armed Forces…

Some veterans undergoing mental health treatment with Combat Stress struggle to join in with group therapy sessions as they have difficulty hearing what’s being said. Tinnitus and high frequency hearing loss are common conditions among those who were in contact with heavy weapon fire, constant noise through communications headsets, and so on.

Adrienne Coward, Regional Operations Manager South for Combat Stress, said: “Even a small loss of hearing can greatly restrict any of us and result in isolation. This can worsen mental health and make it very hard to take part in talking treatments. By working with UKVHH, we can help veterans make even better use of the treatments we offer and make it easier for them to enjoy family life, leisure time and work.”

Colin Baker, UK Veterans Hearing Help Stakeholder Engagement Lead, said: “We fully understand the difficulties experienced by those with a hearing loss, which can cause additional stress as well as the reluctance by individuals to join group sessions and social events.

“Hearing loss is something that you cannot see and often causes problems through the lack of understanding by others. We look forward to working with Combat Stress and together, believe that we can raise the quality of life for those suffering as a result of military service and enhance their ability to join in with others on the road to recovery.”