Pathfinder International magazine is delighted to announce the launch of “Armed Forces Day, Down Your Way!” for Armed Forces Day 2021.

With the gradual easing of lockdown rules coupled with the postponement of many main Armed Forces Day events, decisions made earlier in the year, Pathfinder is promoting the idea of safe community events to mark the 13th Armed Forces Day on Saturday June 26 2021.

The campaign, “Armed Forces Day, Down Your Way!” will be centred around the magazine’s June edition – the Armed Forces Day Special Issue – which will see extra copies of the publication dispatched to communal events up and down the UK, with Armed Forces Day DIY Toolkits inside the free magazine for people to use on the big day.

Pathfinder editor, Mal Robinson said: “We have been official media partners for the Armed Forces Day National Main Event now for four years and we will continue to be for Scarborough in 2022, however for 2021, we thought the idea of promoting safe community events in accordance with COVID lockdown measures would be a great initiative, whilst things hopefully get back to normal.”

Toolkits can be found in the June print and digital issue of Pathfinder International, as well as online in the coming weeks.

If you would like to receive copies of the June issue, please email editor Mal at [email protected]