There has never been a better time to transfer to civil aviation as there is a major boom in pilot recruiting worldwide that shows no sign of abating any time soon.

For service pilots, passing the 14 ATPL exams set by the CAA is the first and mandatory step towards gaining your ATPL for airline flying. Do not underestimate the amount of work involved in this – even for experienced pilots!

In a nutshell, Pathway aims to maximise your results and learning in ATPL groundschool by using industry leading reference materials (Padpilot iBooks), question banks and very experienced instructors – mainly ex-pilots. Our course structure has evolved due to the increasing depth of understanding now demanded by EASA and the CAA.  You take exams in manageable batches of 3 after every module, giving excellent results for our students.  We offer residential, distance learning courses, licence conversions and ad-hoc instruction tailored to your budget.

For Distance Learning Courses, you work to an agreed individual study plan, attending revision weeks prior to each session of exams. You get a flexible and personalised course lasting from 10-19 months.  You can fit your studying around your other commitments and time available by choosing a learning pace that will suit you.

Our Residential courses are normally 6 months of intensive (full-time) classroom training followed by 4 to 5 months (part-time) self-study.  For those leaving the services, this order can be reversed, so the self-study phases are completed first from home before the full-time classroom phase. We specialise in Instructor-led and personalised tuition and this is the highly recommended path for those with little prior knowledge of commercial aviation.

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