An interactive video installation in central London is broadcasting stories from a new generation of veterans and encouraging the nation to ‘Rethink Remembrance’…

The installation by St Paul’s Cathedral displays four films, telling the stories of a younger generation of the Armed Forces community. They have been released to challenge the commonly held view that the poppy and Remembrance are associated only with the First and Second World Wars and elderly veterans.

Whilst it is important these conflicts and those who served in them will always be remembered, the Legion is urging the public to recognise the service and sacrifice made across all generations of the British Armed Forces including the most recent conflicts.

In each film, a story of conflict or injury is told through the eyes of a Second World War veteran, but at the end a twist is revealed, urging people to Rethink Remembrance.

To support the idea of challenging perceptions, the installation involves an optical illusion. Seven multi-screen columns offer people the opportunity to explore the films from different perspectives. From one specific view point, all the screens unite to create a single image.

Director of Fundraising at The Royal British Legion, Claire Rowcliffe, said: “Individuals and families from across the generations of our Armed Forces community need the Legion’s support, as well as our older veterans. When you pin on your poppy, or pause to Remember, we’re inviting you to Rethink Remembrance and rethink who it is you picture when you think of a veteran.

“The Royal British Legion’s vital work wouldn’t be possible without the public’s generous support, and we hope through our campaign this year we will help people understand who they are supporting when they donate. Please wear your poppy with pride in recognition of all generations of the British Armed Forces who have served to defend the freedom we enjoy today.”

A survey of one thousand adults, commissioned by the Legion, showed that the public most commonly associate Remembrance, the poppy and the Legion’s work with the First and Second World Wars and elderly veterans. Just over a third of those surveyed identified Remembrance with thinking about those who are currently serving.

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