We continue our look at the forthcoming Reserve’s Day on June, 21, with a focus on the RAF Auxilary Squadrons and the case study in particular of Flight Lieutenant Andy Wolfe

In 2016, Flight Lieutenant Wolfe re-joined the RAF as Reserves Officer Commanding (OC) Logistics Flight, 607 squadron based at RAF Leeming. He had served as a regular Logistics Officer from 2005 for 9 years. As OC Logistics, his role includes managing personnel from several RAF trades, including Suppliers, Chefs and Mechanical Transport Drivers.

Since returning as a reservist, Flight Lieutenant Wolfe has been overseas in the Middle East working as part of a major exercise involving multi-national forces. He is planning to travel to South Dakota (USA) in the summer as part of an exchange programme with the US Air National Guard.

Flight Lieutenant Wolfe is delighted to be able to serve as a reservist. “I’ve been amazed how well it has worked for me. I’m able to bring my experience as a regular to the reserves. The role is really rewarding”.