The Recruitment Industry is
growing, especially in the Technology, Healthcare and Green Energy
sectors.In 2012 the industry was worth £26 Billion.

TheIndustry suffers
from a high attrition rate of 40%, although very financially rewarding, new
trainees do not fullyrealise the full scope ofthe role and the
level of determination, demandsand hard work expected and after the
employer has invested vast amount of money and time, either the company or the
recruiter realise that the role is not for them. This is coupled withnew
trainees hired direct from Universityhaving no businessor
commercial acumen.

We have looked to address
this,by offering an unique concept, where we will train and then secure
roles forServiceLeavers and are offering Recruitment companies,
highly skilled personnel that have proven that they have the personal
attributes,transferable skills, trainingand business acumen to
succeed in our industry at an innovative cost that lowerstheir commercial


Our Recruitment Training Academy is unique, no other Training company in
the market can offer you extensive, first class training that allows you to hit
the floor running from day 1 with your new employers, is recognised as an entry
point into the recruitment industry AND then GUARANTEE finding you a role or we
will offer you your course fee back!

The course costs are subsidised to service leavers (£585+VAT only
compared to £3750+VAT that other participants on the courses have to pay who
have been sent by their recruitment employers to enhance and improve their
recruitment skills and knowledge.)

Our core business is placing you with a recruitment company on completion
of the course, as the companies we are working with, pay us a retainer for
hiring you, and in addition, they then utilise us for further training as part
of your career development, so you can see it is in our best interest to offer
you first class recruitment training and then to secure you a role!

However, we will not ‘push’ you into any recruitment position/company.
You are assessed during the course to which industry, company and position
would best suit your personality, recruitment technical skills, interests and
business acumen.

Of the 10 people who completed the first course in January, ALL have now
secured permanent placements, please check our web-site for testimonials


In the past, recruitment agencies and businesses
have begun their recruitment selection process by seeking graduate level
students, experienced sales personnel and proven recruitment professionals etc.

At RAMPART Blue we are working with HM Forces to
identify, educate and train service leavers about the industry who may
otherwise be lost to our service sector.

Our aim is to offer service leavers an extensive and
first class recruitment training programme that allows them the first steps
into the recruitment industry and on completion of the 3 week training course
we will introduce the trainees to recruitment companies for roles and
industries best suited to their aptitude and personality bases on their
continuous assessment during the course.

Founder Kev Jones spent 6 years in the Royal Air
Force, and without any recognised Academic Qualifications, found opportunities
to move into the recruitment industry were limited and far between.

He finally was given an opportunity by an employer
who recognised and acknowledged his personal skills built up during his time in
the Forces, coupled with his determination to succeed, and who recognised that
employees from the ‘University of Life’ could offer so much…within 6 months, he
was the top recruiter within the organisation and within 12 months he was Sales
Manager, running a team of 5 people.

Kevin has spent over 16 years in recruitment,
working in every capacity and running his own IT Recruitment agency for over 8

He recognises that Training currently being offered
as part of the resettlement courses are dated and limited, service leavers
without any academic or Vocational qualifications are ‘pushed’ into Driving and
Security Jobs, as they are not currently aware of other career routes where
they have excellent transferable skills and can build a successful and re
warding career in recruitment

He understands the transition from Military
toCivilian life and the importance of utilising the resettlement period
carefully. He is looking to educate service leavers that they have so much to
offer and with the correct training, they will have their first steps on the
recruitment industry ladder.

He is keen to make his mark in the industry and
fulfill his ambition to help raise the standard of professionalism across the
UK recruitment industry; just weeks on from the launch of the Academy,
over490 recruitment companiesnationally have signed up to
participateto work with the Academy, as they recognise that students who
have completed the course, have a real taste of working life in recruitment,
can hit the floor running from day one and offer exceptional Team Work,
Communication, Work Ethics, delivering under pressure and discipline gained
from their time in the services.

Our Mission:

RAMPART Blue was established out of the desire to
create a bridge into the Recruitment Industry for service personnel who are
keen to make their next career move into recruitment and to provide a channel
for Recruitment organisations and internal HR teams to access pre-trained and
inducted candidates who will be ready to go from their first day on the job;
and in addition, out of a determination to improve the service delivery and
performance standards of new consultants, and to enhance the industry’s reputation
and help build a stronger sense of professionalism from within.

Rampart Blue is already becoming recognised as a
leading Induction and Placement service available for recruitment consultants
entering the Recruitment Industry

As a result of its high profile, strong branding,
marketing campaigns, and its solid reputation, RAMPART Blue is organically
becoming a solid competitor in the placement of specialist candidates within
the Recruitment Industry.

Our goal is to:

Assist service leavers with their
transition into the recruitment industry with First-Class Training;

Offer the Recruitment Industry,
driven, talented, determined. focused, hard working and pre-inducted
individuals from the Armed Forces who are productive from day one and where
Academic Qualifications are less emphasised.

increase the standard of candidates
entering the industry;

minimise attrition within the
Recruitment Industry;

Recruitment Academy Training Course:

The Recruitment
takes you from
military, to civvy street, trained in all aspects of recruitment, sales and the
technical side of the industry.

This is a 3 week process that allows enough time for
each graduate of the Academy time to absorb the nuances of each business area.

You will be assessed through out with plenty of
interaction and role-playing. Through assessing your aptitude to the industry,
we can then best advise you on which roles and industries within recruitment
would be best suited, and at the end of the course we will arrange interviews
with recruitment companies that best suit your skills and personality.

Graduating from the Academy is just the start of a
very enjoyable, demanding and rewarding career in the recruitment industry.

There is no magic formula but with excellent
communication skills, a tenacious approach to your work and the drive to
succeed, you will be very successful in the industry.

Courses are run through
out of the UK
– Please email:
[email protected]
for more information, course context. course locations and booking form:

Next Course Dates for the Recruitment Academy:

March – 27th March 2013 – Cardiff

01st April – 17th April 2013 – London

22nd April – 08th May 2013 – London

are courses every month, therefore, if the above dates are not suited, please
letus know when you would be available and we will send you the course
dates and location for that month.