The RAF Benevolent Fund is working with Relate to provide a little extra support for RAF veterans and their partners…

The RAF Benevolent Fund is offering to pay for up to six free counselling sessions (or more if the nature of the issue is of a psychosexual nature) with Relate for RAF veterans and their partners. Additional sessions can be funded on a financial needs basis and can be applied for via the counsellor.

Whether married, living together, in a same-sex relationship, separated, divorced or single, Relate’s confidential service can help. Face-to-face counselling, telephone counselling and advice via web-based live chat are now available, giving the opportunity to talk to a trained Relate counsellor in the most convenient way.

It can be stressful when a relationship breaks down but the RAF Benevolent Fund can help if you need mediation to resolve any issues. Mediation can help to settle disputes over living arrangements, child maintenance, property and money.

RAF Benevolent Fund can assist towards the cost of mediation services with an approved provider, including paying the full cost of an initial session and subsidising the cost for a standard package of further sessions. For more information call 0845 077 5556.

Everything you say to a Relate consultant or counsellor will remain completely confidential. You will need to give your, or your partner’s, service details to Relate, but this is simply to confirm eligibility. No one apart from Relate and the RAF Benevolent Fund will be told that you have accessed these services unless there are safeguarding issues which may need acting on.

To access live chat or to find out more visit the Relate website or call 0845 077 5556 and a trained counsellor will be able to talk you through the available options.