As you may know, inside of Pathfinder International, you can now find military memories supplement, Left Right Left.

Left Right Left was launched with the story of Ernie Searling, a 99-year old former Royal Marine and his remarkable account of his experiences in World War 2. Ernie’s story was so great it was spread over three parts and features in the current issue, which you can read here for free.

As Ernie’s story gathered pace, the BBC picked up on it and we were proud to see our Ernie live on the BBC’s coverage of Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph, London.

Ernie told the reporter: “I feel very humble seeing so many men and women on parade today, so very humble and I’m thinking of those who are not with us on this parade today.

All I hope is that future generations can see this parade and see such solidarity in it.

We don’t want street fights, we don’t want arguments, we don’t want racial injustice, all those things are horrible.”


When asked by the BBC reporter, “why has it taken you so long to be on parade at the Cenotaph?”, Ernie replied, “After the war, I seem to have contracted various diseases and illnesses and every year I say I will go up Whitehall and then something’s cropped up. And this year, a Marine came to see me and he said “What about going on that parade Ernie?” and I said it will probably be my last one.”

Ernie’s interview grabbed the headlines and the reaction to him has been fantastic.

Read the reaction to Ernie online here:

Nice one Ernie, you did us all proud.

Read about Ernie launching Left Right Left here: