The Reserves Continuous Attitude Survey (ResCAS) is an annual MOD survey that seeks to measure the attitudes and opinions of Reserve personnel towards their service and is open until Monday 18th March…

The results of ResCAS are viewed by the single Service Chiefs and Chief of Defence People to advocate on behalf of Reserve personnel for improvements to their Reserve experience. ​They are used to understand how Reservists feel about their experience and to help shape the policies that support and enable Reserve Service.

By completing this survey, you are helping MOD to understand how you feel about your Service and identifying the areas where changes could be made to assist you. The more Reservists who complete the survey, the more evidence is available to shape your terms and conditions of service and polices affecting training and development.

Recent changes to Reserve support include:

  • The introduction of the “VR” post-nominal which can be used by volunteer reservists who have completed 10 years’ continuous service in the Reserves since 1999
  • Improved access to welfare services for the families of Reservists. The policy and guidance for welfare services has been revised to reflect the particular needs of Reservists and their families and provide support equivalent to that provided for regular Service personnel
  • The investment of £1.8 billion over ten years to improve access to kit and training, focusing on integrating the Reserves as part of the whole force concept

The Army ResCAS is open to a sample of Volunteer Reserves. If you have been selected to complete ResCAS19 you should already have received a paper copy of the survey and a link to the online version – please only complete one version. To access the online survey, you will need to enter your Service number. If you have any questions please contact the Army Occupational Psychology Team on 01264 886044 or

The Navy ResCAS is open to all Volunteer Reserves. All Volunteer Reservists should have received a paper copy of the survey. The survey is also available to complete online using the link at the front of the paper survey or here. If you have any questions please contact the Navy Command Occupational Psychology Team on 02392 625496 or

The RAF ResCAS is open to all Reserves including Volunteer Reserves and serving Regular Reserves, with the exception of Sponsored Reserves and Volunteer Reserves Under Training, VR(T). All Reservists should have received a paper copy of the survey. The survey is also available to complete online. If you have any questions, please contact the HQ Air Occupational Psychology Team on 01494 495476 or email