Members of an activity hub for visually impaired veterans have been presented with their very own flag…

The Royal British Legion Scotland Paisley Comrades Branch offered to produce a standard for Scottish War Blinded’s Hawkhead Centre, after being invited to attend their Remembrance Day service.

The flag was presented to the members and blessed in a special service led by Reverend Robert Craig at the centre in Hawkhead Road, Paisley.

Sally Ross, Centre Manager, said: “It means a lot to our members to have their own standard that we can fly on Remembrance Day and any other ceremonies we hold. We are very grateful to our local branch of the British Legion for their generous offer to produce the flag. We are very proud to be represented by our standard.”

The idea to produce the standard came from George Gaughan, Chairman of the Royal British Legion Scotland Paisley Comrades Branch.

Mr Gaughan said: “I am over the moon to be able to present this standard on behalf of the British Legion. I was first introduced to Scottish War Blinded in November 2017 and I spoke with Sally. I believed they deserved their own standard to have as a representation for future events.”

Scottish War Blinded member, Ronnie Scobie said: “Bearing the standard today meant a great deal to me, it was some experience! I previously was a standard bearer for the REA. Scottish War Blinded have been a great support to me so I felt very privileged to have been asked to bear the standard.”