If it was easy we wouldn’t need you.

At Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS), we know that every decision we make and every action we take will provoke debate and opinion. And while some people’s comments are intriguing, many more overlook the incredible complexity involved in running an organisation of this magnitude. That’s why we’re only looking for the few.

Our new 3-year Senior Leadership Scheme is an opportunity for people who have the desire and understanding to shape the future of HMPPS. Who want the chance to experience life in multiple areas of the Criminal Justice System and a route to a fast-track route to leadership. It won’t be easy. And it’s never straightforward. But with the option to apply for a Deputy Governor role by the end of the programme, it could be life-changing.


Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service is an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice. We’re accountable for the running and management of 104 public sector prisons in England and Wales. The work of HMPPS is to support the justice system and protect the public by cutting crimes and reducing re-offending. It’s a complex mix of obligations, duties and challenges, and as a Senior Leader within our operation, you’ll be right at the heart of it.

What to expect from the scheme

Leadership at HM Prison Service isn’t simply about doing things right. It’s about doing the right things. It’s about dealing with challenging scenarios, overcoming difficult situations and taking tough decisions. That’s why you won’t just be learning about our service on the Senior Leadership Scheme, you’ll be experiencing it, first-hand. Whether based in the Midlands, London or the South East, you’ll follow a structured scheme that will immerse you in every area of our service, while quickly moving towards a position of leadership:

• Prison Officer Entry-Level Training Course

• 3 months prison officer experience

• Head of Department development

• Criminal Justice System experience

• Potential to be fast-tracked to Deputy Governor

What we expect from you

Prisons are unique environments and we need remarkable people to work in them. You’ll need to be a strong character, resilient in the face of challenging circumstances, but equally empathetic to understand the needs of colleagues and offenders alike. Therefore, life experience is just as important as your education.

While it is desirable that you have a 2:2 degree in any subject, it is not mandatory, and we are just as interested in what you’ve achieved throughout your career. Ideally you’ll have significant work experience, in which you’ll have developed extensive people management skills and excellent communication skills, as well as assertiveness and integrity. Additionally if you also have a keen understanding of working in an operational setting, no matter what the type of business, as well as managing large contracts, this too would be highly desirable.

If you have the assertiveness, resilience and passion that are required to thrive in an environment that will challenge you on a daily basis, visit https://ad.doubleclick.net/ddm/clk/404619402;204822117;s to learn more.

Closing date: 25th September.