An updated edition of the Service Leaver’s Guide is now available on the website with information and advice for military personnel prior to and after leaving regular service…

The Service Leaver’s Guide contains information about armed forces pensions, resettlement, reserve liability as well as support from charitable organisations, and you can access it here.

Of particular importance to service leavers is the Pen 1 form which should be completed at the 6 month point prior to your last day of service using the link on your JPA account. If you do not have access to JPA you should compete and return the hardcopy form, no later than 6 months before your last day of service. The completion of the form is a legal requirement and failure to do so will result in a delay of the receipt of any terminal benefits and pension to which you are entitled.


The DBS process lead for termination and resettlement is responsible for ensuring that this document is accurate and relevant, issues and comments specific to this document are to be directed to