This year, the BFBS Big Salute funded grants for twelve different charities, so as you treat loved ones this December, help BFBS to support the wider forces family…

The Christmas campaign, which will run until Friday 7 December, will feature individuals on Forces Radio BFBS who have benefited from the BFBS Big Salute and will be discussing the impact the campaign has had on their lives.

They’ve had life-changing challenges such as homelessness and severe mental health issues, but through the Big Salute your small change can make a BIG impact on veterans and those serving who may be facing similar problems.

Veterans Aid is one of the charities that was awarded a Big Salute grant to help renovate two bedrooms in their hostel, New Belvedere House. Ex-soldier John was homeless but now sleeps in one of the fully-refurbished bedrooms. John says:

“It’s a good place to get your thoughts together. It’s literally the help that people in my situation need in order to move forward…without the stress that’s usually associated with that. You can’t commend the people enough, the people who have donated, the people who have built it and the people who run it.”

This year, BFBS Big Salute grants have paid for a huge range of vital activities and services for serving personnel, their families, and veterans. This includes mindfulness courses for serving soldiers involved with EOD duties and therapy courses for veterans referred for mental health treatment.

Spare your Small Change this season and make a BIG Impact by donating at