British conserves manufacturer Wilkin & Sons, which owns the famous Tiptree brand, has launched three craft spirits in partnership with the RAF Association: Tiptree Hurricane Gin, Lancaster Spiced Rum and Spitfire Vodka…

As with their world-renowned jams and their range of fruit gins, these spirits are created from the finest botanicals and ingredients, including Tiptree Blood Orange Marmalade in the spiced rum.

The trio of spirits are available in special edition bottles, and every bottle bought will help the RAF Association give life changing support to RAF personnel, veterans and their families.

All of the three small-batch craft spirits are 40% ABV, and distilled in Essex using locally sourced East Anglian potatoes, Tiptree grown fruit and the occasional extra sprinkle of Tiptree magic.

A minimum donation of £2 will be made to the charity for each bottle of Tiptree Lancaster Spiced Rum, Hurricane Gin and Spitfire Vodka sold.

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