Stoll, the leading provider of supported housing for vulnerable Veterans, has received a grant of £16,490 from the Covenant Fund earlier this year, which forms part of the Armed Forces Covenant, run by the Ministry of Defence. The Covenant was set up to support those who are currently serving in the Forces, Veterans and their families.

The grant will support the monthly Veterans’ Drop-In at Stoll, a ‘one stop shop’ for Veterans and their families to get advice, information and support on a wide range of issues including finding accommodation, employment and coping with mental health issues. Stoll works in partnership with a large number of other Service charities who offer advice at the Drop-In including Help for Heroes, SSAFA and the Royal British Legion.

Claire Bendall, Interim Head of Services at Stoll said: “The Drop-In is instrumental in ensuring we reach some of the most vulnerable Veterans in our society. They can come and talk to charities who genuinely understand the issues they face and crucially, offer help and guidance on what to do next. It is a safe space to talk openly and meet other Veterans who are dealing with similar issues. The Drop-In is the stepping stone to rebuilding lives.”

The Drop-In was established in 2012 and has on average 30 Veterans and 15 agencies come through its doors every month. The Drop-In has been attended by over a thousand Veterans since it began.

One Veteran who has benefitted hugely from the Drop-In is Nicola. Nicola began her career in the TA when she was 17, before moving to the Royal Air Force where she stayed for 10 years. Unfortunately, at around the age of 32 Nicola developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She was advised to go to the Drop-In at the Stoll residence in Fulham: “Not enough people know about the incredible service this charity provides. I had no idea this help was available to me at a time when I was at my lowest.”

Once she had spoken to Stoll’s Outreach team they acted quickly to find her accommodation and within two weeks, they had secured her a flat in West London: “I’m now settled in my home with a fresh start ahead of me and that’s ultimately because I took the step to go to the Drop-In and ask for help.”

The Drop-In takes place between 4pm and 7pm every second Wednesday of the month at Stoll Mansions, 446 Fulham Road, London, SW6 1DT. If you would like to attend the Drop-In as an agency, or for any further information on the Drop-In, please get in touch with Nick Shatford [email protected]. If you work with Veterans and their families and would like to publicise the Drop-In, you can download the poster here.

We’re proud to support the new Veterans’ Gateway service which promises to be the first point of contact for Veterans and their families seeking support. Veterans’ Gateway aims to make this process easier by assessing needs at the first point of contact and connecting people with the right help when they need it, wherever they are.