Following the publication of the UK-wide Strategy for our Veterans, the Government has launched an online consultation survey aimed at anyone with an interest in Veterans’ issues…

The Strategy for our Veterans set the principles and aims needed to continue to meet the needs of older Veterans as well as the wider Veteran community over the next ten years, and set the right conditions for society to empower – and support – them for the next 100 years.

The UK Government Consultation Paper complements the Strategy for our Veterans, by gathering information to inform how it could be implemented across the UK, except for devolved matters in Scotland and Wales, against the backdrop of what is already delivered.

It seeks broad public views on focused questions, to build on the research and engagement conducted to produce the strategy, against a backdrop of what is already delivered. Alongside this public consultation on implementation, the UK government will continue to work on internal proposals that were raised during production of the strategy and implementation plans.

The survey is an online way to respond to the Consultation Paper questions and should be completed in conjunction with the information provided in that document. Before responding, you should also read the Strategy for our Veterans itself, available here.

This consultation is open until 2345 on 21 February 2019. All responses will be analysed and a government report will be published within 3 months of the closing date. Individual responses will not be responded to.

Access the consultation and share your views here.