Veterans’ charity Alabaré have launched their Christmas Appeal as they desperately look to address the number of homeless Veterans this Christmas…

Alabaré wants to ensure that no Veteran be forced to sleep rough as they look to raise additional funds to support those facing homelessness. Through their services, Alabaré help ex-service personnel who find themselves in the desperate situation of having to call the streets home. They not only provide them with a roof over their heads, but the support, guidance and advice they need to make the successful transition to civilian life.

Andrew Lord, Chief Executive of Alabaré, said: “Whilst many will be enjoying the Christmas period, the stark reality for the Veterans that we support, is that it can be an incredibly difficult time of year. We want to be able to ensure that nobody who has served our country is faced with the prospect of sleeping rough and that we are able to continue to be there for those needing our support.”

Through their Homes for Veterans service, Alabaré can provide accommodation for up to 115 Veterans at any one time. The 23 homes are located throughout the South West of England and across Wales. Amongst the total of 328 Veterans supported by Alabaré last year was Martin.

After joining the army shortly before his 18th birthday, he served for over 12 years and was involved in tours of duty to the Falkland Islands, Northern Ireland and in the first Gulf War. Unfortunately due to cost cutting, he was made to take redundancy. Martin was able to get back in to employment working in security before then getting a job at a local steelworks.

Martin spent six years working there but a change of contracts meant that Martin once again faced the prospect of redundancy. With a mortgage to pay, Martin’s loss of job meant that he was struggling to keep up with his repayments. As much as he tried to make ends meet, it was to no avail as he eventually lost his home and was faced with the prospect of being made homeless.

Fortunately for Martin support was at hand when local authorities made him aware of Alabaré’s services and he would be able to access dedicated accommodation for ex-service personnel. In his time living with us, Martin has been access support with a variety of issues and is now working with staff to explore his opportunities in getting back in to the workplace.

To support more Veterans like Martin this Christmas, give to Alabaré’s Christmas Appeal at