Clear Brew are offering financial support to those looking to take on one of their franchises with a new payment option.

Launched in 2006, Clear Brew is one of the UK’s leading independent beer line cleaning enterprises. It specialises in providing a repeat service to a substantial marketplace of pubs, hotels, restaurants, social clubs, sports clubs, and any other outlets that serve draught beer.

Franchising is a great way to build and run your own business without the stress of establishing a brand from scratch. By purchasing a franchise, you are investing in a proven business model with tried and tested products/services. This reduces risk and gives you access to support that is not necessarily available with a new business.

Although the amount of support provided varies between franchise models, Clear Brew believe that offering franchisees full ongoing support is the best way to help them grow their business. From marketing and accounts to general advice, they are always on hand to support their franchise network.

On-going support is great, but Clear Brew want to go the extra mile and ensure their franchisees feel supported right from the very start. When it comes to purchasing a franchise, they understand that paying out a lump sum alongside other commitments can be difficult. As a result of this, they have established an option that allows new franchisees to pay just half the fee upfront. This is then followed by monthly instalments.

The team at Clear Brew are excited by this development and look forward to welcoming and supporting new franchisees throughout 2024!

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