The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is the premier event in ocean rowing, covering over 3,000 miles from San Sebastian, Canary Islands to Nelson’s dockyard, Antigua, and a team of five intrepid adventurers are taking part to raise funds for Felix Fund – the bomb disposal charity…

The participants are: Julian Thomas, Headmaster of Wellington College; Capt James Wadsworth MBE CGC; David Edwards, Housemaster at Wellington College; Ian Holdcraft, Co-founder of luxury adventure brand Shackelton; and David Jarman, British Army bomb disposal officer.

The Felix 5ive will face some 40 days at sea coping with sores and blisters, sea sickness and other illnesses, brutal ocean conditions with storms and 50-foot waves as well as sleep deprivation, weight loss and an enormous amount of physical and mental stress.

So why are they putting themselves through this hell? Not just for the personal challenge but to raise funds and awareness for Felix Fund, a charity close to their hearts.

Melanie Moughton, CEO of Felix Fund: “This is an awe-inspiring challenge and the money raised by the team will help the awe-inspiring men and women from the bomb disposal and search communities who keep us all safe. We wish the Felix 5ive the best of luck and we will be following their training and progress across the Atlantic closely.”

The Felix 5ive team said: “More people have travelled to space and climbed Everest than have rowed across an ocean. This is a huge challenge and a considerable undertaking that will test us physically and mentally as individuals and a team.”

You can support the team at their Just Giving page.