TechVets is pleased to announce it has received a ‘Workforce Development’ grant from leading tech company, Splunk. This is the second year running that TechVets has been chosen for a Splunk grant, this one valued at £75k. 


“Splunk is thrilled to provide TechVets with a workforce development grant for the second year in a row. We fully support and applaud TechVets’ work to provide free skills training for members of the British Military Forces community that seek to transition into employment in the technology industry.” – Splunk 


TechVets, a specialist programme within the Forces Employment Charity, helps veterans, reservists, military spouses, and other ex-Forces personnel launch cyber and tech careers by connecting them with training, professional development opportunities, and a supportive community. 


Workforce Development Grants are for not-for-profit organisations that provide tech training and career development resources to “bridge the data divide:” 


“Workers with the skills to analyse and interpret mass amounts of data are in high demand. This is especially true in the cybersecurity field, where companies have open roles that they struggle to fill. Veterans bring many transferable skills to the public and private sectors, and the additional training on Splunk provides them with an added credential that is highly valued by technology employers.”  – Splunk 


“We know that members of the Forces community possess an abundance of highly valuable skills. With the support of our partners, such as Splunk, we can offer exciting opportunities for them to utilise these capabilities in emerging sectors including technology and cybersecurity. The impact that TechVets has on the lives of its members and their families can be truly life changing.” – James Murphy, TechVets Director and British Army veteran 


These grants go a long way toward supporting our veterans’ access to award-winning eLearning courses and cutting-edge IT jobs. 



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