The second Pathfinder International of the new decade is out and now available to read online for free.

Inside this month:

  • Slater & Gordon introduce their new military legal advice column
  • Pathfinder continues the top 20 in 20 focus for jobs
  • We take a look at inheritance tax and the pitfalls of this
  • The “I am Tommy Atkins!” campaign continues this time editor, Mal Robinson talks about his time on Op Telic in March 2008
  • Ed Cochrane returns with his Resettlement Reflections column
  • Help For Heroes focuses on the world of rugby helping veterans in their rehabilitation
  • This month’s housing section looks at renovation more than relocation
  • Franchising focuses on which is the best franchise to buy?
  • Jordan Wylie talks about the vital role of the Army Cadet Force in his column
  • Plus much much more including training and employment opportunities for the military service leaver

Read the issue for free here

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