The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity is delighted to announce the arrival of one of Britain’s top fundraisers, Chief Petty Officer Andy Gibbs…

A fundraiser for almost ten years, Andy ‘Gibbo’ Gibbs, has raised over £525,000 for the Armed Forces community. He has now joined up with the RNRMC to use his fundraising experience to help raise money for sailors, marines, veterans and their families.

Originally brought up in Oxfordshire, CPO Gibbs joined the Royal Navy in 1987 and has been in the service for over thirty years. His interest and passion for fundraising began almost ten years ago after reading about the great work being undertaken at Headley Court – an Armed Forces Rehabilitation Centre that benefits from RNRMC support.

His first high-profile fundraising effort came in 2008 when he decided to walk across Scotland, raising an impressive £10,000 in the process.

Having completed ten years with a different national charity, CPO Gibbs decided that he not only needed a new challenge but that he wanted to raise money directly for the national charity of the Royal Navy.

Speaking about his decision to join the RNRMC’s volunteer fundraising team, he said: “After previously raising over £525,000, I thought it was time to join the RNRMC team to raise money for a charity that directly affects serving members of the Royal Navy and veterans alike.

“The grants awarded by the RNRMC to other armed forces charities who support naval veterans was another reason I have started raising funds for the charity.”

He continued: “The RNRMC has a very different approach to that of other charities I have raised funds for. This includes the team being made to feel very welcome with personnel messages of thanks after completing big collections, it makes the team feel really appreciated.”

As a seasoned fundraiser, Gibbo has learnt more than a few things about how to raise money for charity. Discussing the key to his past success and his advice for those thinking of fundraising, he said: “The most important thing to remember when fundraising is that whatever figure you raise on the day is always more than what the charity had prior to your event.

“Start small and set small targets, then build up slowly to bigger events and collections. It’s also not only about raising funds for the charity but more importantly raising the profile of the charity and spreading the word of what the charity stands for and promotes.”

Of course, behind every great fundraiser is a great team. This is no different for Gibbo, who leads a reliable and experienced group of individuals who help him collect, come rain or shine.

Enthusing about his team, CPO Gibbs said: “The team are critical to what we do. Penny Harris and I run our team and we have a number of volunteers who we contact for collections depending on numbers of permitted collectors.

“We like to concentrate on transport hubs pre sporting events, such as targeting train stations and tube stations specifically that have a large footfall to maximise collecting potential.”

CPO Gibbs and his hardworking team, who often give up their weekends to raise money for the RNRMC, have already hit the ground running. After only a few months of collecting for the charity they have raised over £11,000.

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