MPL Locksmith Training provide accredited learning and skills for service personnel looking for a new career outside the forces…

As well as providing life skills for the future the locksmith training courses explain the potential business opportunities and earning potential for those who wish to join the trade.

To see how MPL Locksmith Training has helped learners successfully forge new careers visit the testimonials and case studies area of their website.

There are approximately 25 million homes in the UK and millions of commercial properties all of which have the potential to require locksmith services at some point. The scope of locksmithing in the UK and the potential earnings for those who are trained in these skills is significant.

MPL Locksmith Training provides a comprehensive range of course content to give learners a set of skills which will enable them to address most of the requests made of locksmiths, and provides business start-up and marketing advice.

5-Day ultimate locksmith course

MPL Locksmith Training’s 5-day ultimate locksmith course is ideal for those who are seeking a new career as a locksmith and who are new to the industry.

The course is delivered by experienced hands-on locksmiths with a low trainer to student ratio to ensure all those attending the courses receive the level of attention they require on an individual basis.

All courses include full product identification, hands on training on how to pick all types of locks destructively and non-destructively, training on the use of specialist tools and a free locksmith ‘bible’ worth over £100. Learners also have discounted access to specialist tools and locksmith parts all directly available from MPL.

All courses are supported by a 24/7 technical support hotline to ensure that MPL trainees have access to further support if they have issues whilst on site.

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