The Forces in Mind Trust has awarded Warwick Institute for Employment Research, in partnership with QinetiQ and RFEA, £111,352 to conduct a year-long study to better understand the employment outcomes for Senior Non-Commissioned Officers…

Mixed-methods of research will be used, which will include: analysis of the latest employment statistics, surveys and interviews with veteran SNCOs and interviews with SNCOs’ spouses and partners.

Ray Lock, Chief Executive of the Forces in Mind Trust, said: “We have identified in our previous work that some Senior Non-Commissioned Officers may face a more difficult transition into civilian lives, in part due to employment pathways when they leave service.

“By researching the current situation, we can determine what is needed to create lasting positive change. We will then re-shape the environment by influencing policies to enable this group to have a successful post-service career.”

Clare Lyonette from IER added: “We are excited to find out more about the employment challenges for this particular group of veterans and to identify how their skills and experience can be successfully transferred to a civilian environment. Our research aims to provide lasting benefits, not only for the veteran SNCOs, but also for their families.”