Pathfinder International continues the focus on Veteran Owned Business with a look at Dead Mammoth Coffee Company and the founder, Andy Bricknell…

“Prior to leaving the Army I thought about what I could do as a side hustle as there were so many veteran businesses popping up.

Dead Mammoth Coffee Company was born through an idea. Through my love for fresh, great tasting, small batch coffee, roasted from quality beans from ethical sources. As a long standing member of the armed forces, I was always subjected to ration pack coffee, its weak, bitter and leaves a foul taste in your mouth. I thought to myself, why shouldn’t we have great tasting coffee while out on exercise or ops?

So I decided to make something based on my experiences, and the feedback of those around me. I believe coffee is for everyone. You should enjoy it fresh, not re-bagged and sold but made to order from the highest quality raw beans (visit Beanology). After years of research, fine tuning the process, and cupping different blends, Dead Mammoth Coffee Company was born.

DMCC is veteran owned & operated. We’re dedicated to bringing you superior flavours with our raw coffee beans imported from Columbia and Brazil. We decided, after many hours of roasting and blending, on one blend using both origins, delivering 3 roasts as whole beans or burr ground to your preference.

We also do a coffee bag range, fresh coffee in a bag perfect your adventures / exercises. Please use code SPUD10 for 10% off your first order.
Instagram: @deadmammothcoffeecompany
Facebook: dead mammoth coffee company

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