Storm Caroline has finally hit the UK and has brought a blanket of snow with her.

Many have been struggling to get into work today because of the hazardous weather conditions, so where do you stand if you can’t make it into the office or workplace because of snow conditions?

Your boss can ask you to take unpaid leave, holiday days or work flexible time to make up the lost hours. If you can highlight that you have made a reasonable effort to make it into work through difficult conditions, your boss will hopefully see sense.

It may be worth checking your contract to see where you stand.

Can work force me to come in difficult weather conditions?

Your employer can not force you to make an unsafe journey, but in similar vein, they do not have to pay you either.

What do I do if my office is closed due to the weather?

If your workplace is closed due to the weather, they can not make you take a day’s holiday or dock your pay.

Do I have to take a holiday if I can not get in?

No. Your company have to give you two days’ notice before making you take annual leave. If you receive more than the statutory 28 days, this may differ.

Do I have to take unpaid leave if I can not get in the office?

If you can not make it in, then you may have to go down this line, but again check your contract.

My kids’ school is closed, how can I get time off to look after them?

You are allowed some reasonable time to cater for childcare arrangements, especially in emergency situations, yet this could take the form of unpaid leave.