Operation Christmas Box, formerly uk4 Thanks!, sent nearly 9,000 Christmas gift boxes to unaccompanied members of the Armed Forces overseas around the world away from their families and friends this Christmas as a ‘gift from the nation’…

With over 20 items, it is a universal box and the contents are carefully considered so that they are acceptable to all the recipients, regardless of gender or religion and that it does not offend the host country.

A mix of novelties, useful items, games, Christmas hat, questionnaire and Christmas card are in the box. The items are refreshed each year to maintain interest, and to reflect comments received from recipients via the questionnaire in each box plus comments via Facebook and emails.

Although they receive no financial support from the MOD, Operation Christmas Box do obtain tremendous assistance determining the total requirement; agreeing the box contents; locating the personnel overseas, and getting the gifts to theatre.

The Operation Christmas Box Team rely on sponsors to provide the necessary funding each year so that they can continue to support our Armed Forces at Christmas.