The January issue of Pathfinder International sees the launch of the magazine’s inaugural guide to the “Most Influential People In The Military Community 2019”.

A supplement featured inside the magazine, the list showcases those deemed to have influence, be it via their day to day role, appointment or going above their duties, in the armed forces sector.

Pathfinder editor, Mal Robinson added in his introduction to the supplement:

“Our list of people and companies for that matter covers a range of sectors and roles including business leaders in resettlement, politicians, military top brass and those we consider to be in the public eye who have built an audience of which to inspire and influence.

Many people make it onto the list on the basis of their day to day roles, yet some go above this and have the military community at the top of their agenda beyond the typical working day.

By dubbing the list as the “military community” this enables us to cover literally anything within the armed forces sector from cadets to serving personnel, to veterans, families, industry and beyond.

To be included in the list, people or companies need to be doing something we consider to be affecting change or highlighting the forces cause in one way or another, ranging from resettlement to security of the country. “

To see who has made the list in the first part of the supplement, please see Pathfinder’s January Issue out on Friday 11th January 2019.