Soldier 30:30 is seeking individuals to test themselves against both terrain and weather in a timed competition to carry 30 lbs over either 30 miles or 30 kilometres of Exmoor or the Midlands and raise funds for FirstLight Trust and the DMRC Benevolent Fund…

Maybe you’re in the armed forces or are a Veteran and keen on your fitness. Maybe you’re an office worker who takes to the hills at the weekend or perhaps you’re a triathlete seeking something different. If you can find 3 other like-minded people to make up a team of 4 then you’re on your way!

Soldier 30:30 appeals to both civvy and military alike and you will be welcomed with one condition: if you enter, you must be confident of your ability to complete the race. Soldier 30:30 aims to provide a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day out, however, there are limited spaces and the organisers want to minimise mid-race withdrawals, for obvious reasons.

In a nutshell you will need to take the event seriously. If carrying moderate weight over distance is not something which your body is used to, you will need to train. Soldier 30:30 wants competitors, not casualties.

Similarly you will need to devote time to an attempt to raise £1,000 per team ahead of the event. Evidence of a good attempt via a page on, or similar is a pre-condition of entry. The average fundraising achieved across all teams in previous years is between £1,000-£2,000 per team.

The competition is a team event divided into 3 classes: Open, Wounded or Insider. Within each class prizes will be awarded according to course (30 miles or 30 kms), gender (male, female, mixed) and age (junior, peak, senior).

Find your team, submit your registration, raise as much cash as possible and get out on those hills! Entry fee is £50 per person.