Military personnel are providing COVID testing to NHS key workers at sites set up nationwide.
Soldiers from The Grenadier Guards and from The Royal Anglian Regiment have been trained to safely deliver COVID tests as part of government response work, and they are now deployed at a site in Wembley, London.

The site has been set-up in the IKEA carpark in Wembley, and it offers a drive-through facility that can test over 500 NHS personnel a day. Working alongside civilian staff from local authorities, and from Boots and Deloitte, it is a team effort and the military contribution has been welcomed.

Once trained in the process and delivery of safe testing, the Army personnel are uniquely useful in being able to redeploy wherever new sites may be set up. Furthermore, with further training of more soldiers taking place in Barracks, the soldiers are adding skills to the government arsenal used to fight the pandemic.

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