Two charities on either side of the Atlantic will once again be coming together to raise awareness and funds for the remarkable men and women of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Search community…

In 2016 we held the Inaugural EOD charities Gala in London, and on 15th September 2018 we are pleased to announce another joint event this time at the Lansdowne Resort, Leesburg, VA. This event – hosted by Britain’s Felix Fund and America’s EOD Warrior Foundation – will raise funds for the two charities who support the EOD community.

From World War II to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan British and American bomb disposal forces have fought side by side disarming countless improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other ordnance with courage and valour. Their service has not come without a price; many members of this community, along with their families, are battling the physical and emotional wounds of war.

“Following the success of the 2016 dinner we had always planned to hold a return fixture in the USA, as we continue to forge lasting relationships between both sets of EOD and Search personnel”, said Ken Falke, Chairman of EOD Warrior Foundation.

Karl Frankland, Chairman of Felix Fund, added: “With less public awareness for the work these personnel carry out both at home and abroad it is important that we continue to raise awareness and much needed funds. The support Felix Fund and the EOD Warrior Foundation offers is actually needed more when the guys and girls are not on operational tours.”

Information regarding sponsorship opportunities and to purchase tickets can be sought from in the UK and in the USA