Fundraising is underway to transform the dilapidated Drumfork community centre into a bright, engaging hub for submariners and their families in the Scottish town of Helensburgh…

The Drumfork community centre has been at the heart of HMNB Clyde for over 50 years but has fallen into disrepair rendering it unsafe and a depressing place to meet.

With the Royal Navy rebasing its submarines at Clyde, the base will soon be home to some 8,500 staff. Meaning that the need for a versatile social space which helps to build a strong community is imperative.

Following review and local consultation, a complete renovation of the centre has been agreed (rather than the vastly more expensive new build option) at a total cost of £3 million.

With £2 million already banked, the race is on to raise the final £1 million so that the centre can be restored by the end of 2018.

One resident said: “My husband is away for at least half the year, every year. I really need the Drumfork Community Centre – it is a lifeline for my children, me and so many other families to get together.”

The redevelopment of the centre will include a self-contained registered day nursery as well as multi-activity spaces for stay & play sessions, children and youth groups and social events; a coffee shop; a hairdressers and a chapel.

Residents will be able to access service charity clinics for advice on welfare issues and a local information hub.

The centre will provide a lifeline for families relying on each other for emotional and practical support whilst a loved one is away at sea and will help reassure active naval personnel that their families have the best possible support in their absence.

The cost per family who stand to benefit from these improved facilities is just £120 – a small price to pay for a stronger community and greater peace of mind for those away at sea.

If you can help to bring Drumfork to life please contact Alasdair Akass on 023 9387 1538 or email