FirstLight Trust, a charity offering practical support for veterans of the emergency services and military, is asking the UK to take stretching to a new level in a bid to help our physical and emotional well-being…

The FirstLight Trust Stress Down Day UK offers fun hints and ideas to educate the public and veterans alike with ways to help reduce stress.

“During this time of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself and focus on your wellbeing,” says Dorinda Wolfe Murray, the charity’s founder. “We’re suggesting people take just a few moments to de-stress and relax. This could be anything from looking at the sky to yawning with your cat. Plus, we’ve an enjoyable online video to stretch along to.”

Through their work rehabilitating veterans back into their communities, the charity has found that even the smallest action can make a big impact. Many studies have shown that stretching helps release stress in the muscles.

The Stretch for Stress Down Day UK video is suggested as a simple and effective exercise for anyone who would like to take part. Supporters are encouraged to post photos of their pets stretching using the hashtag #StressDownDayUK.

For your very own free positive feeling, follow the link to watch the Stretch for Stress Down Day UK video online.

Please consider donating online to help the charity’s work supporting former ambulance drivers, paramedics, police, firefighters and armed forces veterans suffering from extreme stress – the very people who are supporting us through a very difficult time.