Three celebrity worlds collided in a field in Banbury to mark the launch of one of the UK’s most enduring broadcasting institutions on nationwide DAB+ radio…

Former England football captain Stuart Pearce MBE, TV presenter Jenni Falconer and Love Island’s Georgia Steel were given a once in a lifetime experience, as they were each put through their paces in a series of challenges aimed at equipping them with the skills to pass the British Military’s official test to qualify as a tank driver in the Army.

To up the stakes further, an element of competition was also introduced amongst the stars of sport and TV to see who out of Stuart, Georgia and Jenni would be the best equipped for a career change. At the end of the challenges, each were given a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ to suggest whether or not they would cut the mustard in the British Military.

To find out the inside story on which, if any, of the unlikely trio made the grade during the extensive test, listeners can tune into a new ‘fusion’ music and military programme – On Track with Forces Radio BFBS – which launches on 30th October.

The show offers an entertaining and in-depth insight into the what happened when the three celebrities were sent on a military tank driving course to mark Forces Radio BFBS being available to a wider audience on DAB+, as well as other existing platforms.

The military radio network tasked the much-loved stars with the mission of wading through thick, muddy, murky water to attempt to pass a set of super challenging tank driving skills. The tasks earned each of them an exclusive insight into the incredible expertise that the British military demonstrate all over the world every day.

The celebrities were tasked with 3 skill tests:

  • The Abbot Course – Stuart, Georgia and Jenni went for a rough ride as they each jerked around the Abbot Course, testing their driving skills and navigating sinking mud, huge puddles and jarring drops. The Abbot Course is a track used for teaching people how to drive an Abbott Tank
  • The Swim – Battling the clock and the pressure and competition of their fellow tank drivers for the day, the celebrities used the Lance Armoured Vehicle to ‘swim’ through deep water testing their precision and efficiency at their new-found skills
  • The Knife Edge Balance – Stuart, Georgia and Jenni had to demonstrate extreme concentration to balance the front of a tank off a small ledge, ensuring they had the perfect equilibrium to ensure that the tank remained in a precarious position

Adding another degree of complexity to the challenge, the celebrities were interviewed by Forces Radio BFBS presenters Amy Casey and Jay James whilst attempting the Abbot Course section of the tank driving skills test.

The results will be broadcast as part of a new three-part content series and radio show, ‘On Track with Forces Radio BFBS’ which will be broadcast on Tuesdays at 6:00pm from October 30th onwards.

Nicky Ness, Director of Forces Radio BFBS, commented: ‘‘The centenary of the Armistice, and the launch of our radio station on DAB+, make it a timely opportunity to remind our radio listeners and the British public of the skills and determination of our Armed Forces.

“What better way to do this than by bringing together three high profile figures from totally different celebrity worlds, and challenging them to undertake one of the key proficiencies we expect from the military on a daily basis.

“Our new radio and content series brings to life the demands placed on our armed forces. Although they all found it extremely exhilarating, Stuart, Jenni and Georgia’s experience shows just how tough – and at times dangerous – a day in the life of our Armed Forces really is…”

Running schedule of episodes:

  • Stuart Pearce MBE On Track with Forces Radio BFBS airs on Forces Radio BFBS at 6pm on the 30th of October
  • Georgia Steel On Track with Forces Radio BFBS airs on Forces Radio BFBS at 6pm on the 6th of November
  • Jenni Falconer On Track with Forces Radio BFBS airs on Forces Radio BFBS at 6pm on the 13th of November