About us

Clearway School of Motoring is a company dedicated to providing the highest quality Driving Instructor Training possible for individuals wishing to engage in a career as a Driving Instructor. A career that is virtually guaranteed for life.

With over 40 years experience and a reputation second to none, we are one of the largest Driving Schools in the North East, with the results to match.

Clearway School of Motoring has two aims, firstly to ensure our Instructor Training students get the best possible training that they can expect, to ensure they have the best chance of qualifying, secondly to ensure that they have choices in respect of what they want to do upon qualification, such as working with Clearway School of Motoring under our guaranteed job scheme, working on their own in their own school or working with a different school.

We are an ORDIT registered company which means we are on the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers, which is a registered body under the control of the DSA (Driving Standards Agency), this register ensures we teach to a standard laid down by the DSA to show you we are competent to teach you to become a driving Instructor and that our course is of sufficient content and is up to date.

Joining the Clearway team of Instructors means, that you will be joining a group of highly skilled and highly trained Instructors, like minded individuals who enjoy unsurpassed job satisfaction and security.


Job Expectations




Fed up of shift work, doing the same job day in day out? Having to work overtime to make ends meet and never at home to spend time with your family, where have you heard all this before? No job with no future prospects, you can change your future with one single call.




Teaching a skill for life can be extremely rewarding, the pleasure you get when a pupil passes their test gives you the satisfaction of knowing you were a part of it.


There is more to it than getting satisfaction from your pupils, it also gives you the satisfaction of being able to support your family and enjoying going to work every day.




There is nothing better in today’s world than being respected by your friends and family and the people you work with (your pupils) and colleagues, it is very unusual to find this in today’s workplace, but it is the core of your relationship with all these people when you become a Driving Instructor, it gives you the feeling of doing something worthwhile.




Everyone wants to learn to drive these days, it has become a part of our life’s structure, and almost all learners take lessons with a professional Instructor.


Within the next 25 years there will be an additional 7 million cars on the road, who isgoing to teach the new drivers? It could be you.

What You Can Expect

At Clearway we understand the needs of Driving Instructors when they work for themselves or a driving school. The list of things we do for our instructors is below, so you can see the standards they receive and the back up they get.



·Full training for all parts of the DSA qualifying exam.


·Unlimited training in our purpose built training centre at part one.


·A minimum of twenty hours in car and classroom training at part two.


·A minimum of forty hours in class and in car tuition at part three.


·All relevant study materials.


·A full day business course specific to running aDrivingSchool.


·Aguaranteedposition as a Driving Instructor upon qualification.


·Fully equipped and maintained training vehicle, can be used for personal use.


·A supply of pupils, to ensure you achieve the income levels you want.


·A total backup system designed to give you all the help and advice you may need at any time. Our Instructors meet on a monthly basis to get together and have a chat about all sorts of topics, a great place to get to know how the industry works, with lots of help and advice from the guys on the ground.


·Most Instructors when qualified will remain with their school for a period of time, then move onto their own school after gaining more experience.


·In our school the doors are always open for advice and guidance.




To qualify as a Driving Instructor (ADI) you must fulfill the following requirements as laid down by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). The DSA is the governing body of all Approved Driving Instructors and is an executive agency of the Department of Environment Transport and Regions (DETR).

You must hold a fullUKdriving licence and have held it for four years prior to being accepted onto the Register of Driving Instructors.

You must be able to read a car number plate at a distance of 27.5 meters (90) feet wearing your glasses if normally worn. This is a higher requirement than for the learner driver test.

You must be a fit and proper person I.e.:- have no non—motoring convictions against you unless they are spent, the DSA will ascertain this by asking you to go through a criminal record disclosure.

You are allowed a limited amount of penalty points on your licence to actually be accepted on to the Register of Approved Driving Instructors, the registrar who will asses each application on an individual basis, will decide this. Up to five penalty points are unlikely to affect your application.

You must pass a three part examination. An explanation of the three parts is listed in this booklet.


Finally you have to apply for an Enhanced Criminal Records Disclosure, prior to being accepted onto the Approved Driving Instructor Register. This can be applied for as soon as you wish and will not prevent you starting your training. Please ask us if you have any queries regarding this.


Qualifying Procedure


Part One


This is a written examination consisting of 100 multiple choice questions, in which you have 90 minutes to complete. The overall pass mark is 80%.

The questions are divided into four bands, each band consisting of 25 questions and you must achieve no less than 20 questions correct in each band. This means that your knowledge of driving and motoring matters must be comprehensive. Along with the theory test is the hazard perception test consisting of 14 video clips, which are designed to assess your perception and reaction to certain situations. The pass mark for this is 57 points from a total possible score of 75 points. Both the theory and hazard perception tests must be passed at the same time. Once you have passed the part 1 theory test you have two years in which to qualify as a Driving Instructor.


Part Two


This is a practical test of your driving ability, which lasts for one hour.


Before commencing the drive the examiner will check your eyesight to ensure you can read a standard No plate at (27.5 meters).

The examiner will be looking for a brisk drive showing a high level of technical skill, anticipation and awareness. During the test you will be asked to do all the manouevres and the emergency stop. Various types of driving will be undertaken such as town, country and motorway situations.


Part Three


This is a practical test of your ability to teach the skills you attained by passing part 1 andpart 2.

The supervising examiner will ask you to teach him/her two main lessons; one of the lessons will be at novice level and the other at a more advanced level.

During this period you will also be required to correct any faults they may introduce.


Once you have passed all three parts you can apply to join the Register of Approved Driving Instructors, and start your new career as a driving instructor.

You Have Qualified.What do you want to do now?

Work for Clearway School of Motoring likeMark Reynolds,a Clearway instructor for over eight years.


What Mark said.


“I was previously a Hotel Manager for twenty years, I wanted a new challenge and this was something I had thought about for a long time. I find the job ideal because of the flexible working hours and the job satisfaction. I chose Clearway because they are very friendly, very supportive, like a family”.


OR run your own driving school likeTrevor Dunn, when Trevor decided to leave

ClearwaySchoolof Motoring, he wrote this.


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help and support, if it hadn’t been for the professionalism and drive of the team I would not have qualified as an ADI. After working as a heavy goods driver for nearly 20 years, I decided I needed a change of career. I can now look forward to what will hopefully be a long and successful career. I feel reassured in the knowledge that I will be able to fall back on your support and experience in the future as my new career progresses.”


Two different stories, two different successes


Two different ways to get the best from Clearway




Your earnings potential is based on the amount of tuition you do and how much you charge per lesson. If for instance you charge a realistic fee of £21.00 per hour and you work 40 hours per week, your gross income will be £840.00. Depending on who you work for, your overheads may come to £250.00 a week, obviously this will give you a net income of £590 per week for 48 weeks of the year assuming you take 4 weeks holiday per year.

The amount of hours you decide to do is up to you. Some instructors for instance only work 30 hours a week because it suits them other will do 40 to 50 hours because they enjoy earning a higher income.

The choice is yours; whatever you chose this is an opportunity for you to gain aqualification, which you can use at any time or anywhere in theUK.

Achieving all this can be done by going through the Clearway Driving Instructor Training ORDIT registered course. Having attained success within the centre a guaranteed position as a driving instructor is waiting for you within Clearway School of Motoring.

Because of the reputation we have achieved over the years, our instructors enjoy a consistent level of business. A business course coupled with a full back up service ensures we prepare you for the future.





We have payment structures to suit most peoples’ requirements, and like to think we can be flexible enough to allow people the opportunity to realize their potential to become a Driving Instructor and begin a new career.

We have different pricing structures depending on the type of course you choose and throughout the year we have opportunities to get discounted courses. Don’t forget we are here to help, so please talk to one of our course advisors if you require any assistance or want a question answered.

Talk to us, anything is possible.


A new career is not as expensive as you may think.


Call us on 01642 608942 without any obligation


After Care Package


Supply of pupils Your pupils come from local advertising in your own area, along with many other types of advertising such as yellow pages, our own website and functions that Clearway attend. We actively train you to find your own pupils, such as getting referrals. This is to ensure that when you leave Clearway to run your own school you have the ability to find your own pupils.

Running of business diary When a new pupil is placed on your diary via the booking office, the details are then sent to you by e mail, land line or your mobile, this allows you to contact the pupil as soon as possible, you can then introduce yourself and organize future lessons etc, if this is something you want Clearway to do we are quite happy to do this.

Your Car Our car at the moment is a Citroen C3 1.4 HDI VTR+ is supplied, delivering up to 60 mpg, which comes with decaling in the distinctive Clearway logo, a roof board and dual controls, it is normally changed every 7 to 14 months depending on it’s mileage. It is available for private use, if that person is over 25 years old. The car is serviced, taxed, insured and repair if necessary. All you have to do is to put fuel into it and ensure all fluid checks are carried out on a weekly basis.


Ongoing Training


(1) To help with better ways to run your business


(2) To ensure you know how to maximize your business


(3) It shows you the methods we use to get referrals from your students