In an adventure generously supported by the Royal Marines Charity, 4735.8 miles away in the Rocky Mountains, 23 beneficiaries of The Not Forgotten Association will be hitting the slopes in Breckenridge, Colorado over the next two weeks…

Split into two groups, they are representing the Royal Marines, the Army and the RAF. Additionally, two individuals from Blind Veterans UK will be joining the holiday. The veterans are given the chance to ski, snowboard, sit-ski and ski-bike, proving that anything and everything is possible with the right support.

All Not Forgotten holidays are designed not only to boost confidence and morale, but also mental and physical health, and the skiing trips are just the start of a busy calendar filled to the brim with experiences that provide both challenge and comradeship.

The positive effect of these breaks away are obvious from the smiles and laughter that emerge, even from those who seem initially apprehensive, and from the friendships that are created as a result of a shared experience.

“Skiing and the trip for me provides an escape and freedom from my head, peace, enjoyment, amazing fun and measurable achievement. All of which I haven’t found in any medication or treatment I have been given over the years” – an Army veteran following the 2018 ski trip.