The scale and impact that COVID 19 has had globally is unprecedented.
In response to the direction provided by the Prime Minister, the single Service Manning Branches have taken the decision to place a temporary hold on Postings as part of the UK’s overarching strategy to slow the spread of the disease so that the NHS’s ability to cope is protected. The same posting freeze applies to those who currently live abroad and who may be moving to another country.
It has not been an easy decision to make, as it is acknowledged that this will directly impact Service Personnel and their families across the world. The message is clear that service families should align with their civilian counterparts and stay within their current allocated service family accommodation.
There will be instances where a Service Person for a very small number of reasons will go ahead with their posting; that does not automatically mean that their family will accompany them. Where a Service Person believes they have a case to move with their family, they are to contact their Chain of Command and Career Manager.
It should be noted that even if a case is approved, further assessment will take place with Defence’s Strategic Partner Leidos and their Key Subcontractor Agility responsible for household moves to determine whether such a move is feasible; the reality is that industry suppliers are also heeding the call to stay at home. Social distancing measures have also impacted wider services such as hotels, cleaning agencies and the availability of staff from partners such as Amey which all play a part in the successful handover/takeover of service accommodation.
Please therefore consider your circumstances thoroughly before requesting a move via your Service Career Manager; no other routing will secure authority to proceed with a movement application. Service Personnel and their families are thanked in advance for their understanding and assistance during this extremely difficult and uncertain time.