The Defence Inclusivity Award is a new category in this year’s Soldiering On Awards and has been introduced to recognise the commitment of individuals and organisations in achieving greater diversity and inclusion throughout the Armed Forces community…

Each of the Finalists demonstrates a shared goal: they are shining examples of striving to ensure greater inclusivity throughout the Armed Forces Community, where everyone is welcomed and valued.

The Finalists are:

  • Armed Forces Diversity Engagement Team – making different groups aware of the Armed Forces, overcoming inclusion barriers and building relationships with communities, faith leaders and society influencers
  • Army LGBT+ Forum – raising awareness about issues of equality, diversity and inclusion, offering social get-togethers, mentoring, peer support and advice to the Diversity Team on the way Army policy affects LGBT people
  • Susan Coleman – the highly respected Royal British Legion’s Champion for LGBTQ ensures a safe environment for any serving or ex-serving personnel of any sexuality to feel valued and be themselves
  • MoD Diversity Networks –25 Defence Diversity Networks covering race, gender, LGBT, faith/belief, parenting and disability. Each supports a minority group in the workplace and is run by volunteers

Steve Utley, Managing Director at Landmarc Support Services, sponsor of the Defence Inclusivity Award, says: “By sponsoring the ‘Defence Inclusivity’ award, we hope to learn from the successes of our amazing Finalists and help to fly the flag for our inspirational servicemen and women and all those who support them.”

Click here to read these Finalists’ stories and find out why the judges found each one worthy of recognition. And, if you haven’t yet booked your ticket for the fabulous Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner, click here.