The work of NHS Employers, particularly the Step into Health programme, has been highlighted as a driver for organisations being supportive of the Armed Forces community in a new report from the Forces in Mind Trust…

The report entitled Benefit not Burden, highlights the importance of the Armed Forces Covenant which ensures members of the Armed Forces community do not suffer a disadvantage in the provision of public and commercial services compared to any other citizen.

The work of NHS Employers and the Step into Health programme is specifically referenced as both a factor that encourages NHS organisations to sign the covenant which then helps drive action once employers have pledged.

The report acknowledges that Step into Health helps employers by:

  • providing a springboard from which organisations can act
  • creating the conditions in which organisations can do more to support the Armed Forces community
  • combining with the covenant to help galvanise action

Aside from pledging to Step into Health, the report offers multiple examples of how NHS organisations can make themselves forces friendly employers. NHS Employers has a range of resources that can be used to assist with these activities.

As an organisation, find out how you can:

  • Create a dedicated Armed Forces policy
  • Have a dedicated Armed Forces contact
  • Establish an internal Armed Forces network
  • Promote Armed Forces Day

As a line manager, find out about:

  • the process of joining the reserve forces
  • training
  • mobilisation
  • operational tours
  • returning to work

Read more about the Forces in Mind Trust report here. For more information about how NHS Employers can support your organisation to be a Forces-friendly employer, visit their dedicated web pages.