The deadline has now passed to vote for your favourite design to go on our next front cover in time for Armed Forces Day 2020.

The theme was “what the armed forces means to me” and five entries were shortlisted.

We thank everyone for their designs, photos and drawings and thank you all for voting in. The editor’s email inbox was labelled as “a sea of votes”. Votes were also cast on the various Pathfinder social media platforms too, so thank you all.

Pathfinder is delighted to reveal the winning design was “Roaring With Pride” by Tanya King, pictured below.

Tanya wrote about her piece…

“What the armed forces mean to me ? Strong workforce
I have chosen “The lion” as it is a symbol of England and our national “pride” . I am a outside artist.
I have taken the inspiration of London’s Trafalgar Square ” attributed to brave Nelson, where the lions seem to act as guards.
The lion I feel represents the courage, justice, power, strength, wisdom, pride, dignity, dominating and authority.
The same qualities as all our armed force members, which they have to sustain and their families who await them whilst in service.
I have used the silhouette of soldiers in my composition to show our army forces on the frontline .
To also bring artwork up to date as many are now using the silhouette style .
The lion symbolising… they fight like lions for our country .It can also represents “us” as a nation to show we are behind them .
I hope this can be open to many to interpretations.”

Congratulations to Tanya and all of our shortlisted finalists, Nina Camplin, Lynne Davies, Alison Allmand-Smith and Connor Lambert. Tanya’s design will be featured on the cover of the June 2020 issue, where you can see all of the shortlisted images in full inside.

Pathfinder editor, Mal Robinson said: “We were blown away with the quality and standard of the entries and also the amount of votes coming in. It was a very close call between all entries, so they all deserve a special mention.”

The competition was brought to you in association with TVS Supply Chain Solutions.