A special one-hour programme featuring the musician, Jamie Evans, will be broadcast on BFBS Radio 2 this Saturday 19th July at 8pm (UK)

BFBS Music Manager, Frank McCarthy, speaks to the former Mexicolas frontman, singer/songwriter and lead guitarist, about his current writing style, his love of Belgian music, plus the pleasures and pitfalls of the music business.

The programme showcases four of Jamie’s solo tracks, all recorded live in the BFBS studios: Sound Profound, Coffee Cup, Heavyweight and Beautiful Ruins. And Jamie also reveals his own eclectic taste, choosing some favourite tunes by The Clash, The Cult, Lionel Richie, and Nat King Cole.

Frank said: “Jamie Evans should be a household name, he’s a songwriting and lyrical genius, all that’s missing is the final link to success.”

Jamie has first-hand experience of military life, as he grew up in Hameln, Germany, where his dad served in the Army. He first met the BFBS team in 2008 with the Mexicolas band, and since then has made a number of visits to the station’s studios.

During the programme, the musician also talks candidly about his relationship with his two sons, and how being a weekend father has changed him. And anecdotes from Jamie’s early life may sound familiar to many BFBS listeners, as he shares childhood memories of BFG.

Jamie Evans is now based in London, where he’s playing on the solo scene and forming a new band, as he aims to release some new material later this year.

This special studio session will also be repeated on the main BFBS Radio network and on DAB on Sunday 27th July from 8pm (UK).