Broadcaster Dan Snow MBE is urging members of the public to get behind ex-Forces men and women with health conditions who need help moving back into work…

The TV historian will present the BBC Radio 4 Appeal on Sunday 18 August and Thursday 22 August to help raise vital funds for veterans’ employment charity The Poppy Factory.

The appeal tells the story of one former soldier, Dale, who lost his leg when his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. Despite his physical injuries and mental scars, with close personal support from The Poppy Factory, Dale was able to move into a new job that he loves.

Dan Snow said: “Throughout my career I’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of work with veterans, including young men and women like Dale who have served their country in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of them are carrying life-changing mental and physical injuries and they can find it difficult to adjust to civilian life and relate to their friends, family and community.

“We’ve asked these young men and women to go into harm’s way on behalf of our society, and we owe them everything when they get back. It’s a great honour to be a part of The Poppy Factory’s campaign to support injured and sick veterans back into work and help them regain a sense of purpose. Please give whatever you can afford, and you will help a veteran take their first steps towards a successful civilian job.”

More than 1,200 veterans have moved back into meaningful work since 2010 throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland after being supported through The Poppy Factory’s award-winning Getting You Back To Work service.

The BBC Radio 4 Appeal will be broadcast on Sunday 18 August 9.26p, and on Thursday 22 August at 3.27pm. The Poppy Factory’s appeal page is online now.