CEO of recruitment firm, Beringer Tame provides his top tips for finding work amidst an increasingly competitive landscape
Job hunting can be an incredibly intimidating task at the best of times, but having witnessed an unprecedented pandemic this year and with increased competition for roles due to growing unemployment, it’s even more daunting than ever before. But it’s not impossible and there are steps that individuals can take to ensure they stand out from the competition, says specialist digital talent acquisition agency Beringer Tame.

Patrick Tame, CEO of Beringer Tame explains: “While no one can claim to have lived through a pandemic like the one presented to us by COVID-19 previously, many of us were around during the last recession and there are a lot of lessons that can be learned from this time and applied to now. As with any recession, there is increased unemployment and therefore increased competition for roles. Taking this into account, it’s crucial that candidates do everything they can to put themselves in the strongest position possible.”

With this in mind, Patrick outlines the following top tips for those currently looking for work:

Utilise your friends and colleagues (past & present) as a sounding board. Find out how they are doing and ask if they are aware of any job opportunities opening up. Do they have any contacts they could introduce you to who could be useful in your search – indeed, do they know a great specialist recruiter who could help you? Make sure you offer to help them too should the need arise. Now more than ever you’ll also need to get comfortable networking online. Join groups and professional forums on Facebook and LinkedIn and make yourself visible by commenting and showcasing your expertise.

Update your CV and your business profiles
Make sure your experience, skills and qualifications are up to date on your CV and be ready to tweak it for each different role you apply for. Make sure you include key words from the job description in both your CV and cover letter to showcase that you’re a perfect fit for the job.

Similarly, make sure your LinkedIn profile or any other business profiles you have are up to date and professional. Your online profile is most likely the first thing any recruiter or hiring manager will look at when you apply for a job so make it count! You can also ask your network to write a recommendation on your page to demonstrate your endorsed skills.

Set aside time to job hunt
It is really important to treat any speculative job search as a job in itself. Plan time in your day to do the necessary tasks and focus on it. Do not try to carry out your job search whilst, for example, walking the dog or cooking dinner. If you really are looking for a job, put in maximum effort to make it happen.

Be ready for a video interview
Online interviewing is gaining traction all the time, out of both necessity and efficiency. Be ready to showcase your personality and skillset over video. Make sure you treat it like any other interview by ensuring you put in time to prepare, have a private/quiet space available, dress well, test your tech, be on time, and be ready to showcase your brilliance across a screen.

Have a space to work
It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people still don’t have a specific space set aside to work. If you’re one of the lucky ones with a home office, then great, you’re set. However, if you are working in a bedroom, dining or lounge area, make sure it’s tidy and organised before doing any work. Tidy environment = tidy mind. You’ll find it much easier to concentrate and get your tasks done.

Patrick concludes, “Finding a job is not an easy process under normal circumstances, let alone during a pandemic. However, it’s not impossible and taking these steps will help to put you in a strong position to find a role that not only suits what you’re looking for, but also one that you’ll love for years to come.”

Beringer Tame launched ‘Patricks-List’, a free platform that skilled individuals – who have been vetted by experienced recruiters in the sector – with relevant roles, with no recruitment fee involved, in order to help businesses source the right talent at a time when purse strings are tightened. Launched at the beginning of the pandemic, Beringer Tame has helped experts find interim roles at a time when they would have otherwise been out of work.

If you have a digital skillset and are currently looking for opportunities, join Patricks-List as a candidate to be connected with relevant roles.