Hunted winner Nick Cummings is auctioning his Hi-Viz jacket that he wore on the show to raise money for Military Charity Blesma, the limbless veterans…

Taunton househusband Nick, 50, was one of two people to win the Channel 4 show last month when 12 fugitives went on the run for 28 days from those top in intelligence services.

Amputee veterans and Blesma Members Kirk Bowett, from Cambridgeshire, and Jeremy Scarrett, from Taunton, also joined the fugitives on their own mission to win the £100,000 prize for the charity. Unfortunately, the team were first to be caught after an intense chase in Blackpool.

Inspired by the veteran team, fellow fugitives decided to help the pair in raising funds for Blesma.

Nick said, “Ayo (joint winner of Hunted) came up with the idea that fugitives should action off some of the clothing or items they used whilst on Hunted for Blesma. I thought it was a fantastic idea and hopefully some good comes from it.”

Nick decided to auction off the Hi-Viz jacket that he notoriously wore on the first episode whilst cycling around Birmingham lost avoiding the Hunters. Nick will be putting the item up for auction on Thursday night (10th November 2016) and bidding will end on Remembrance Sunday. Keep an eye on the following link to see when bidding begins

Blesma, The Limbless Veterans is the national armed forces charity for all limbless service men and women, their widows and dependents. It was formed in the years following the First World War and became a national charity in 1932.