The Ministry of Defence has launched a new strategy – a ‘Force for Inclusion’ – to continue to increase diversity…

The strategy will build on work that has already been undertaken to ensure that diversity and inclusion is a major part of all of Defence’s work, including in its workforce policies, culture and behaviours. It sets out what kind of organisation the MOD and the armed forces aims to be: inclusive, representative and a force for inclusion.

A focus on diversity and inclusion will enable Defence to:

  • build stronger, more cohesive teams and improve decision making by harnessing the diversity of thought, skills and innovation that comes with a more inclusive workforce and enabling people to fulfil their potential;
  • create a more engaged and motivated workforce, which should increase retention, wellbeing and performance;
  • enable Defence to better access and recruit talented individuals from across the whole of society;
  • generate greater levels of cultural understanding amongst our people, which will aid overseas operations and ensure Defence remains fully engaged with the British society it services and protects.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “We want our Armed Forces to better reflect the society they serve, so we’re stepping up measures to increase diversity and inclusion across defence. Diversity and inclusion is critical to our success and will give us the operational edge we need. We are committed to delivering a more inclusive culture and a more diverse workforce at all levels.”