The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, in association with Dstl Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance, and King’s College London, will be hosting its annual conference on 22-23 May with the theme of Putting Modern Deterrence into Practice…

The question the conference seeks to examine is: ‘What are the challenges of putting deterrence into practice in an increasingly complex and interconnected world?’ Delegates will explore the concept and practice of deterrence in the 21st century, including:

  • The challenges of deterrence across multiple domains, involving multiple actors, both state and non-state
  • The challenges of communication in a networked world
  • Deterrence and alliance cohesion
  • The perils of escalation

Deterrence has, in recent times, risen up policymakers’ agendas around the globe. The event will bring together theorists and practitioners through scenario-based interactive sessions to encourage maximum interaction between delegates.

The conference is being convened by the Defence Academy’s Centre for Defence Educational Research and Analysis. It will start at 0900hrs on Wednesday 22nd May and will finish during the afternoon of Thursday 23rd May.

Further details are available here.