‘Ex-Armed Services Personnel – Journeys to Harmful Behaviour’, a new research project led by the Probation Institute and Liverpool John Moores University, funded by the Forces in Mind Trust, will launch on 17th September in London…

The purpose of the research project is to explore critical factors in the life histories of veterans who have committed serious offences of harm and to identify key points at which appropriate interventions could have prevented or reduced the extent of the harm caused.

These factors may include education, employment, drugs, alcohol, anger management, emotional distress, family ties, combat and post-traumatic stress, mental ill health, preparation for leaving armed service and experiences post service.

The research project will engage with 12 to 15 individuals who have committed serious offences of harm, and where possible with family members and case-workers to better understand and triangulate the evidence.

The project wishes to engage at an early stage with a wide range of stakeholders and providers of services to ex-armed services personnel to enhance our understanding of the journeys to harmful behaviour and help us to identify points at which significant interventions can be effective.

The findings of the research will be shared with stakeholders locally and nationally, including the Ministry of Justice, Her Majesty’s Prisons and Probation Service, MoD, NHS, veteran specific organisations and non-veteran specific organisations with veterans on their caseloads.