Pioneers in the First World War were driven to innovate and find new solutions. In medicine, Doctors and nurses vastly increased our understanding and use of x-rays, blood transfusions, and reconstructive surgery. A number of innovations were also developed during WW1 including the tea bag, wristwatches, zips and tissues, amongst others…

As part of their Thank You movement, The Royal British Legion is saying Thank You to the generation of inventors and pioneers who helped shape our world today. Read some stories on the everyday items that came out of WW1, the words and phrases created during WW1, the development of plastic surgery and the creation of daylight savings.

There are many different ways you can say Thank You to the inventors and pioneers during the First World War. Here are a few ideas of things that you can do:

  • Dedicate your extra hour from daylight savings to say Thank You to the First World War generation, perhaps by planting something in your garden in remembrance
  • Give blood at your local donation centre
  • Think about a WW1 innovation you couldn’t live without, such as teabags or tissues – share it on social media or try giving it up for a while
  • Stick the kettle on, have a cup of tea and think about what you’re thankful for from the First World War generation
  • Hospitals can get involved by saying Thank You for First World War medical advances. Create a display to interest patients and visitors. Or if your company was involved in the innovation of products due to WW1, tell the stories of these products too
  • Look at your watch, and then take one minute to remember and say Thank You for all the innovations from the First World War era that we still use today

For other ideas on what you can do to say Thank You watch the video below.