All industries need to adapt to thrive, and we continually see sectors evolving as technology progresses. Over the years, the construction industry has seen lots of new ways of working, for example, via the use of new software.  Engineers are increasingly using advanced software for architectural tasks to enable more complex and advanced building designs.  Will the increased use of technology mean though that many traditional construction industry jobs will change significantly in the future e.g. will practical roles be carried out by a mechanized workforce using AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

In this short article, we take a look at potential construction industry changes as our world becomes more advanced with technology.

Construction roles – how could they change?

With news that implies technology will replace physical workers, it is often forgotten that people need to manage this technology and make sure that it is operating correctly. It’s also left unmentioned that workers will need to use technology, and that leads us to the decision that in the construction industry, builders of the future will become programmers.

Over the years, we have seen constant changes in the way we work, and the construction sector has been very accepting to new and innovative methods to make jobs easier. From hammers to nail guns, shovels to diggers — and now practical labour to programming.

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